AE7QA is pleased to announce the formal union of its two constituent firms, AE7 and QA into an international practice with multiple offices on 2 continents. AE7QA is comprised primarily of American Partners at AE7 with more than 15 years of past experience growing a UAE architecture and engineering firm to more than 600 employees. Together with the 20 year old award winning design practice of QA, a California based architecture and planning firm, AE7QA continues to provide full service planning, architecture and engineering professional services on an integrated international scale. With 8 offices throughout the Middle East, Asia and the United States, AE7QA is a proven U.S. based practice with focused expertise in Commercial Design, Healthcare and Planning for more than 2 decades. Prior to its recent inception, the Partners at AE7QA have been working in collaboration on a multitude of global projects including large-scale Land Use and City Planning commissions for the past five years.